1973 HONDA CB750

This 1973 Honda CB750 “Bull-Dog” was a restoration project that unfolded in fits and starts in a customer’s garage where it eventually ended up on the proverbial back burner for 12 years before Motovida inherited this rolling chassis with engine in frame and some basic design ideas in place.

After an initial diagnostic test-fire, the engine proved to have several leaks as well as a warped cylinder head and, consequently, needed to be reworked.  The rest of the bike evolved around the engine and over the course of five months the bare-bones design that the client had envisioned for a decade finally took shape.

To keep the bike clean-looking, Brent favoured clear-coating bare metal where ever possible, while anything that needed body-work now sports a boisterous blue.

A customized tool box scavenged from a Royal Enfield build was fitted to the left side of the bike to replace the standard air-box cover and now houses most of the electrical.  

The stock headlight was swapped out for a vintage BMW copy with an inset Smiths speedometer, while micro-button switches, internal wiring and bar-end mirrors keep the cockpit trim.

The burly, low slung stance gives the bike its distinctive “Bull-Dog” appearance and makes it gratifying to look at; but the 836cc big bore kit makes it truly fun to ride.

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