GoGo Gear Mens' Protective Base Layer Made Of 100% DUPONT™ KEVLAR® FIBERS


GoGoGear's Protective Base Layer can be used as a base layer under other garments for extra protection against abrasion. Like all GoGoGear products, they are designed to look like a regular base layer for warmth, but offer the protection of Dupont Kevlar® abrasion resistant fibers and CE-approved removable and adjustable knee protectors.



Fabric Outer Layer: 100% Abrasion Resistant Polyester Cotton Fabric with 5% Spandex

Fabric Inner Layer: 100% DuPont Kevlar® Fibers, 275gsm Weight, 95% Kevlar with 5% Spandex

Fabric Inside Protector Pockets: Polyester Cotton Jersey

CE-Approved Removable, Adjustable Knee Protector Pads (Level 1)

Hip Protector Pockets (pads not included - see below for links to where you can purchase the hip protector pads separately)

Machine Washable


XS = UP TO WAIST 23" (58.5cm), LOWER HIP 34" (86.25cm)

S = UP TO WAIST 23" (58.5cm), LOWER HIP 37" (94cm)

M = UP TO WAIST 29" (73.5cm), LOWER HIP 43" (109.25cm)

L = UP TO WAIST 28" (71cm), LOWER HIP 43.5" (110.5cm)

XL = UP TO WAIST 31" (78.75cm), LOWER HIP 45" (114.25cm)

2XL = UP TO WAIST 34" (86.25cm), LOWER HIP 47" (119.25cm) 



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